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About Contrapac

Contrapac has a wide variety of packaging capabilities that range from bundling and kitting to high volume packaging of chemicals including oxidizers. This is an outline of many of our physical capabilities, but does not begin to touch on the innovative and problem solving approaches that we have applied to many of our customers' needs. We are contract packaging specialists dealing in sanitizing agents, detergents and industrial chemicals. Our business is contract packaging for manufacturers and distributors.

Liquid and Powdered Chemical Contract Packaging and Blending

We have two areas of expertise in chemical contract packaging: One is liquids and the other is powdered or granular materials. For liquids, we have the capability of batch blending (using weigh cell equipped tanks) and filling rigid containers and flexible film pouches of 1/2 ounce to 1 gallon. We use both automatic and semiautomatic lines with labeling, automatic capping, induction sealing and case packing.

For the powder and granular materials, we use vertical form fill machines, such as General, Triangle, Rovema, Prodo Pak and Transwrap with auger (several are the latest computer controlled) and volumetric filling units. Production is checked on computerized high speed weigh scales. We also have experience in high volume filling of plastic bottles and pails with powders and granular materials.

We have a Tote Blending System for dry blending. This system allows us to dedicate individual totes to specific products or customers. Our packaging equipment can be fed directly from the totes. This virtually closed system assures our customers of contamination free blending and packaging.

Customizable Film Pouches for Liquids or Powders

We have also designed and built our own proprietary equipment. Our standard tooling will make a bag width of 2" to 14" and a bag length of 2-1/4" to 32". Please keep in mind that our equipment is capable of a variety of pouch sizes. Liquids may also be put into pouches.

Film structures for the form fill equipment may vary from paper / poly / foil / poly laminates to coextruded polymers or almost any combination of commercial materials in use. Our experience and know-how in using film extends to the child-resistant films, as well as water-permeable and water-soluble films. Printing may be random or registered or blank. Special notching, hole punching, or die cutting is also available.

Finishing, Assembly, Warehousing and other Packaging Services

Contrapac has the ability to blend, package, box, label and ship your product to its final destination. We do a lot of "pallet packs" to support our customers' home center outlets. Our facility consists of 220,000 square feet: Two buildings at 60,000 square feet each and one building at 100,000 square feet. Such a layout enables us to isolate incompatible materials, separate bundling and kitting services from chemical operations and provide additional services of warehousing and distribution for our customers.

We have developed a very fine reputation in our industry for innovative solutions, quick response and superior quality. References from our business partners are available upon your request. We appreciate your potential interest in Contrapac, Inc. as a source of supply and look forward to being of service to you in the near future.

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